[pydotorg-www] Editing IntroductoryBooks page

Mats Wichmann mats at wichmann.us
Wed Jan 29 11:47:36 EST 2020

On 1/29/20 7:36 AM, daniël bosold wrote:
> I was just reading the wiki looking for some recommended introductory
> books on the IntroductoryBooks page and noticed that most of the
> entries there are Video courses. While, interesting, it's not what
> this page is about. Hoping to edit this page (and move the courses to
> a VideoCourses page - or some such) I found that it's locked down,
> likely due to inconsiderate users or spammers.

your guess is correct (the latter).

> I'd like to be able to fix this page as well as add a separate one for courses.

Sigh. It looks like Packt has been at it again.  We need some kind of
solution to their overwhelming the pages, and maybe some solution to the
currency of materials (I notice the end of the list have some things
approaching 20 years old, not terribly likely to be that useful).

In any case, you need to tell us your wiki name before you can be added
to the editors list.  Since spambots aren't able to provide the
explanation you have just given, the bar is set right there: just tell
us why you want to edit and we'll turn it on for you.

Note: if you don't have a wiki account yet, there have been some issues
in recent times with account creation, the auth system there
occasionally times out.  The current recommendation there is just to
keep trying, hopefully that will be good enough.

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