[pypy-dev] RE: 300,000 lines of C

Hickey,Thom hickey at oclc.org
Thu Jan 23 15:35:57 CET 2003

Does anyone else have experience with TeX?  Knuth wrote it in Pascal (I was
there when he was considering whether Pascal or C would be the right
choice), but most implementations run as C.  Someone wrote a set of support
routines plus a translator for the very restricted Pascal that Knuth used.
Local modifications to the code are almost all handled by substituting new
Pascal code which is incorporated by a preprocessor before being translated
into C.  Really works pretty well, and some of the same techniques should
carry over to pypy.
I once started a project to translate TeX to Java, but found the translation
to Java more difficult than that to C and ended up abandoning it.
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