[pypy-dev] RE: 300,000 lines of C

Boyd Roberts boyd at strakt.com
Thu Jan 23 15:46:55 CET 2003

Hickey,Thom wrote:

> Does anyone else have experience with TeX?  Knuth wrote it in Pascal ...

Yes I remember installing it when it first came out.  It consisted of a
Pascal bootsrap and two programs called 'tangle' and 'weave'.  IIRC
they were huge chunks of Pascal, very ugly and unweildy.

I have been thinking of an idea where there is a C implementation
of a virtual machine code to machine code interpreter.  The interpreter
is then supplied in the virtual machine code and it is then
compiled/interpreted to machine code.  From there it would run

I have been thinking about Inferno's Limbo:


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