[pypy-dev] next sprint in the snow with the plone?

holger krekel hpk at trillke.net
Thu Jan 8 01:37:04 CET 2004

[Christian Tismer Wed, Jan 07, 2004 at 11:47:48PM +0100]
> holger krekel wrote:
> ...
> > yes, that's right. Nevertheless, my concern was more how close 26.5 is
> > to 30 because it's possible that there are "too many" projects with
> > points higher than 26.5 ... maybe i didn't use the right mathematical 
> > terms or so :-) 
> Yup. Logarithmic scale would only count if this were
> an absolute measure. Since it appears to be relative,
> logs or anything else don't count, just the number
> of competitors above our score counts.
> I forwarded the results to Mark Achtman from MPIIB,
> who seems to have some experience with EU funding,
> and his reaction was *very* positive, "a real good chance".
> So I'll repeat this here, "a real good chance" and hope for the best.

I like to think so, too. 

> p.s.: The analysis of that evaluation doesn't suggest that we
> had too experienced reviewers.

hmmm, I can't conclude this from the evaluation grid.  It's only
two pages, actually just one page with a evaluation table.  The
6 sentences judging the different aspects of our proposal seem to 
be quite to the point.  I don't know how you could do better in *one* 
sentence :-) 

> That state of the art argument
> is rather vague and misplaced, since we are going beyond
> state of the art in certain areas.

Well, they mostly reiterate what we are saying in the proposal IIRC 
so they can't be wrong ... on a "pure" theoretical side we are not 
pushing the envelope too much last time i checked :-)  



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