[pypy-dev] Sprint wonderings

Sanghyeon Seo sanxiyn at gmail.com
Thu Nov 25 04:00:22 CET 2004

Richard Emslie wrote:
> I hope the past sprint was fun and I was wondering if any kind person from
> it would like to give an overview of activities, developments etc...
> please?  That would be really great!

I don't know much, but from pypy-svn checkin messages
it seems the good place to start is to run:


You can see what options are available by passing -h (for help) to it.

It will try to annotate and translate PyPy, and will also launch Pygame
viewer to navigate some enourmous datastructures it produces.

Lots of changes in annotation directory. builtin.py annotates some
builtin functions' effect. Pygame viewer is at translator/tools/pygame.

In translator directory, main changes were in genc.h (Macro and utility
function definitions) and genc.py.

appspace directory got file object written in Python, using low-level os
module. Also MD5 and SHA module in Python.

No doubt others will do much better job on this than me. :-)

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