[pypy-dev] day 7: winding down

Carl Friedrich Bolz cfbolz at gmx.de
Tue Aug 2 22:25:55 CEST 2005

Hi PyPy-Dev!

Some quit notes about Sunday, the 7th and last day of the sprint. In
general it was sort of a lazy day where we reveled in the success of the
previous night ;-).

The day was started with an extensive breakfast in the sun. After that
Alex (from the Trillke-Gut) brought bows and arrows outside and gave us
a short introduction to archery. We spent some time trying it (and lost
four arrows in the proccess).

- Holger and Armin worked on refactoring and improving the compiling
infrastructure which acquired quite a lot of cruft over time. The
goal was to be able to use the compiled PyPy as a stand-alone
executable and not just a extension module to CPython (note that this
extension module is independent from CPython, we use CPython only to
call the entry point).

- Samuele and Carl Friedrich managed to write a test for the wrong
exception behaviour. Additionally they fixed a wrong graph
transformation where we ended up with an empty block with exception
handling. This gets now optimized away (the non-exceptional link is

- Richard stole tests from genc and made most of them work on genllvm.
He added support for unicode and implemented missing mathematical
operations. Additionally he implemented arrays of void (which are
basically ints because they still have a length field) which occur in
strange situation (like a list of Nones).

- CF with the occasional advice from Samuele worked on implementing
lltypes on top of the memory simulator he wrote the day before.

In the afternoon we went to an art exhibition of an artist from Turkey
who had stayed on Trillke-Gut for a few weeks and who Holger knew. We
stayed there quite some time since there was a barbecue and we decided
to have dinner there.

Afterwards we went to meet Christian in the Galileo cafe and discussed
what to do until the Heidelberg sprint: the general idea is to start
cleaning some dark corners that had turned strange. The plan is to have
a clean base for the sprint in Heidelberg, for the planned release there
and especially for phase 2.

In the evening we cleaned up the room we sprinted in. Christian tried to
integrate the interplevel marshal implementation he'd written during the
last days. This turned up a problem with the annotator related to bound
methods. Samuele came up with a minimal test but decided that it would
take too long to fix.


Carl Friedrich

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