[pypy-dev] Branch merged

Armin Rigo arigo at tunes.org
Fri Dec 2 00:39:01 CET 2005


The somepbc-refactoring branch has been merged.  Thanks to Michael for

What is still broken:

* pypy/bin/translator.py -- the Translator class is going away,
  the functionality we need should probably be moved into this
  bin/translator.py for now.  But ideally this should be replaced by an
  interface based on translator/goal/driver.py.

* pdbplus, the pdb extension you get at the end of translate_pypy.py,
  has probably commands that need fixing.

* translate_pypy --backend=llvm crashes apparently when building
  non-standalone targets; standalone targets appear to work fine (didn't
  try the whole of PyPy, however).  All llvm tests work too, so it's
  hard to understand exactly what the problem is.

* Christian: we did not completely port your r19917 because it needs
  some adaptations to the new world.  The Translator class is being
  replaced by a much thinner TranslationContext.  Most importantly, your
  changes to translator/c/pyobj.py haven't been merged -- they will also
  need adaptation to work on graphs instead of functions, as we did for
  the rest of pyobj.py.  It was also difficult to know exactly what was
  needed because of the absence of tests.  However, there is a tag of
  the trunk before we merged, so that a working pypy with your changes
  is still in http://codespeak.net/svn/pypy/tag/dist-ext-someobject .

That's it !

A bientot,

Armin & Samuele (& Michael, sadly not on-line when we merged -- or more
probably happily so :-)

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