[pypy-dev] Branch merged

Richard Emslie rxe at ukshells.co.uk
Fri Dec 2 07:19:40 CET 2005

Hi Armin & Samuele!

On Fri, 2 Dec 2005, Armin Rigo wrote:
> The somepbc-refactoring branch has been merged.  Thanks to Michael for
> participation!


> What is still broken:
> * translate_pypy --backend=llvm crashes apparently when building
>  non-standalone targets; standalone targets appear to work fine (didn't
>  try the whole of PyPy, however).  All llvm tests work too, so it's
>  hard to understand exactly what the problem is.

Actually, I dont think any have ever worked - so no problem! :-)

The interface for extensions is minimal to say the least. There is a todo 
on the llvm backend to remove the (somewhat legacy) pyrex interface 
wrapper and support a richer set of objects that can be passed to and from 

Thanks for doing a fix up of the llvm backend.


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