[pypy-dev] translation and tests

holger krekel hpk at trillke.net
Tue Jul 26 11:46:34 CEST 2005

Hello pypy-dev! 

today at the hildesheim2 sprint we decided that we'd
like to annotate and translate from the trunk during
the sprint.  After the sprint we are probably changing
back to work from a snapshot.  This is more convenient 
than porting changes to the snapshost all the time as 
we are making a lot of changes.  

Also, please try to avoid checking in changes with
failing tests.  All of us are doing it sometimes, 
for example, when we change computers or locations
and want to continue working somehwere else. However, 
even then it's best if you _temporarily_ inhibit 
the collection of the affected tests by placing a 
conftest.py file into an appropriate directory, 
containing this: 

    import py 
    class Directory(py.test.collect.Directory): 
        def run(self):
            return []

This will tell py.test that there are no tests 
to be collected in the directory and all its 
sub directories. You can still run test files

If you want to checkin a failing test where you 
don't know yet how to fix it, then you can either
add a 'py.test.skip("please help with this problem ...")' 
at the top of the failing test function or you can mark a 
whole file with 'inprogress_test_something.py' which will
inhibit automatic collection while still allowing 
to run 'py.test inprogress_test_something.py'. 

Of course, the basic idea of all these suggestions
is that we want to be able to run all PyPy tests to 
see if we messed up somehow.  

thanks and greetings, 

    holger & samuele

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