[pypy-dev] Hi, I'm new here

Paul deGrandis ginsu2000_ha at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 7 21:28:00 CEST 2005

Thanks for the welcome.
Due to the nature of the DARPA project, I can't tell you too much about
it, but I did design my own Python compiler, with multiple backends. 
It only supported basic features.  Also, myself and one other worker
use python extensively for the system we're designing.

The whole goal of PyPy fascinates me and I'll work where I'm needed:
improved VM, translator, some sort of constant language optimizer,
backends, documentation, language implementation.... anything.

I have to say, the news about the JS background is awesome.  The
possibilities are endless.  I had a roommate for a little while who
used Windows and had an "Active desktop."  It allowed him to embed JS
apps on his desktop.  With the JS backend, you could code an
interactive desktop background for windows, all in Python.  I know some
Linux desktops also support native JS on the desktop too.

I'll start going to IRC more often and getting more involved in current
efforts and current issues.  Thanks for the warm welcoming.

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