Fw: [pypy-dev] Re: [pypy-svn] r22006 - in pypy/dist/pypy/translator/c: . src test

Carl Friedrich Bolz cfbolz at gmx.de
Thu Jan 12 12:04:32 CET 2006

Hi Ben!

Ben.Young at risk.sungard.com wrote:
> Cool. That was very quick!
> This malloc removal stuff is looking really good! Does it also mean (if it 
> works) that the inlining threshold can be reduced a bit as part of the 
> reason it needs to be high is to allow the current malloc removal to work? 
> This could reduce the codebase size by rather a lot.

This is quite unclear at this moment. For example it is possible that 
the current malloc removal and the new malloc removal work in different 
cases and complement each other. Plus, the new malloc removal does not 
play well with stackless yet (since it is putting more stuff on the stack).


Carl Friedrich

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