[pypy-dev] idea for Summer of PyPy - call for feedback

holger krekel hpk at trillke.net
Sat Jan 14 21:31:30 CET 2006

Hey folks, 

while many of us are gearing up for the EU review end next
week (we should sent our last reports in, puh!) 
there is an idea where i'd enjoy your feedback on. 

We'd like to propose to the EU that we can fund 
a Summer of PyPy (modelled after Google's Summer of Code
last year) which would roughly work like this: 

- all students can send in proposals for roughly two-months 
  projects that leverage PyPy in some way - e.g. in areas like
  new backends or frontends, optimisations, new fun 
  tools, security, distributed systems, logical programming, 

- 6-10 people get accepted from a board of experts 
  and everyone gets a personal mentor 

- you would be invited to the PyPy Post-EuroPython sprint 
  which serves as a kickoff meeting

- two months implementation time 

- participants are invited to another closing-off sprint 

- results get reviewed if they achieved the goals 
  if so: a sum of 3000-4000 euro is payed flat

This is the rough idea - no guarantee it will work this
exact way or any way at all :) 

So what do you think about this whole idea? 

And would you personally consider wanting to participate? 
Are you not a student and would like to participate anyway? 

Summer of PyPy would involve a noticeable organisational 
effort on our side so it's good to have an idea how much 
interest there might be.  

thanks & cheers, 


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