[pypy-dev] JVM integration

Paul deGrandis paul.degrandis at gmail.com
Mon Dec 31 18:14:05 CET 2007

Anto, Niko, and All,

I have begun working on PyPy again and am starting on jvm integration.
 After talking briefly with Carl on IRC, I looked at the code in CLI.

I have a few questions:
It appears as though the general approach is to identify entry points
into CLI code (via dlls), use reflection, and make calls.  This is
also later used to make (r)python modules into dlls themselves
(allowing for bidirectional integration).  Is this correct?  Also, how
does the notion of PythonNet play into this (ie: where do you get the
CLR module from)?
If this is not the current approach, is there a document that someone
can point me to that talks about this in further detail?
Lastly, as work for integration on the JVM begins, a larger goal is
the generalize the approach.  Has any work been done in the CLI/CLR to
generalize the approach so far?


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