[pypy-dev] Contributing to pypy [especially numpy]

Samuel Vaiter samuel.vaiter at gmail.com
Sun Oct 16 18:41:43 CEST 2011


Thanks for you answer.

> Yes, there are definitely small things that you can work on.
> A good start would be to pick a missing feature from numpy and start
> implementing it. There is usually someone on IRC who can help if you
> have some immediate questions.
> Do you want me to find you some small thing?
Yeah, it might be a good thing for a start to have a "tutor" if you
have the time to think about it.

@Stefan : I agree. By "intermediate solution" I mean the total time :
time to think about data structure + time to implement + time to
execute. I use Numpy almost all the time as a tool to do
"exploration". I don't mind to have the fastest execution time, I only
look after the total time ;) Cython is a great tool, but 90% of my
issues are index-related : Numpy and Matlab are slow when you loop
over the index of your array. And I think PyPy-Numpy (will) provides a
much better solution in MY case.


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