[pypy-dev] Goteborg sprint - newcomer

Mark Pearse mark.pearse at skynet.be
Thu Oct 27 21:20:35 CEST 2011


I would like to come to the next sprint in Goteborg.  I have been  
following the Pypy project with interest since its inception, but this  
is this first time I have been able to arrange free time to come and  
participate.  I do not have any particular focus for my interest and  
would be happy to work on whatever people suggest.

My degree was in Mathematics, but I have worked most of my life as a  
programmer.  I did an occam compiler for the Manchester dataflow  
machine as an MSc project.  I heard about Pypy while researching for  
my own (now dead) project to do an opensource Prograph implementation.

I will be making my travel arrangements tomorrow.  At the moment I  
plan to leave Brussels by train on the 1st, probably arriving Goteborg  
early afternoon on the 2nd, and to travel back on the 10th.  I shall  
be looking for cheap accommodation and will try to book the  
Veckobostader as suggested in the blog.  I would be happy to share a  
room if anyone wants to.

Any comments or suggestions about travel or accommodation would be  
gratefully received.

Best regards to all,
Mark Pearse
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