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Hi Armin:

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>Feel free to propose concrete improvements.

Welll the easiest thing to do is to see if import _continuation fails. And if it does fail, try to import 
greenlets. Also keep the old greenlet code. This is very much the way the previous stackless.py

>As I said already, I implemented the code so far but I don't really
>have deep interest myself in this feature.  If someone wants seriously
>to start working on it, I can give a few hints.

I would be happy to work with other folks that are interested in the stackless.py module. I have a 
patchy knowledge of PyPy but a decent knowledge of stackless.py and stackless. Let me study continuations and the existing stackless.py module. In
 this fashion, I can make every hint I ask count.

>  Otherwise, I'm sorry but I'm not going to take an active part in design discussions about
>how stackless features could be improved.

As discussed on IRC, I think an approach that would work is fork stackless.py in two. One branch would be conventional. That that,  it would track C basedStackless but incorporate stuff like continuelets and bug fixes and more conservative features.

The other branch would be experimental. Wilder stuff would be done there.

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