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Hello Richard:

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>Can't you do that in another file that doesn't represent itself as an
>implementation of Stackless with no loss to your freedoms?  

Yes Richard, I can give a file another name. If I called the experimental module something-that-I-read-in-a-paper-and-decided-to-implement-in-StacklessPy-because-I-do-not-like-hacking-in-C.py,
would that satisfy you? Regardless of name,  this other file sitting in an experimental branch claiming 
to be a representation of stackless.py would implement the entire Stackless API and about 60% of the current stackless.py's code base.

More importantly, quirks and bugs in the overlapping 60% of the code base, I would be inclined to fix in the legitimate stackless.py as well. 

"What's in a name? that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet"

>This way, anyone who would use stackless.py would get the stable set of features
>and API that Stackless has had for over five years now and likely the ability to switch between
> the two implementations.

And what is stopping folks from using a stackless.py that moves lockstep with Stackless Python, while there is a stackless_v3.py lay in an experimental branch? Isn't this sort of like Python 2.x existing while Python 3.x was being worked on and put as alphas? 

>Or am I misunderstanding?

Yes Richard you are misunderstanding.  What I am working on (or have in mind) is not Concurrence, or a gEvent like package but potential new Stackless Python features. And you know this.  To me the real issue is NIH invented here. 

One of the things that will complicate Stackless Python's world is that advances courtesy of PyPy make experimenting with Stackless Python and bypassing C based Stackless Python increasingly the most attractive evolutionary path.  Rather than quibbling, figure out how to take best advantage of this.

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