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Daid daid303 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 14 15:05:51 CET 2012

You don't check you email for a few days and this happens...

For the pypy-dev people. This is about SkeinPyPy, a pre-packaged Python
software package I made, which comes with PyPy.
The packaged version was 1.7 for the Alpha2 and Alpha3. And pypy-1.8 for
Alpha4. I don't even know why Frans added more people to this mail
"conversation", all I got was a email saying that something was not
working, and a screenshot with a picture showing that it was working. Guess
because PyPy crashed, and I didn't answer within a day he went looking for
other help.

To reproduce this problem you would need quite a few items. (And seeing
the... quality of Frans his communications I highly doubt I will get them).
The SkeinPyPy package, the STL file, and the "configuration profile" would
be needed.

But, this might not be a PyPy problem per say, I've seen PyPy1.7 crash
before because of bad python code (the code base is pretty large, and it
has many configuration options), it might have taken a code path that would
have caused an exception with normal python code. (Could also be seen as
bug in PyPy)

And as last possibility, his PC hardware could be damaged. As the bug
doesn't always happen (as far as I can see from his confusing emails)

I hope this cleared a thing or 2 up. Keep up the great work, pypy is
awesome :D

Frans de jong,

Are you using SkeinPyP Alpha4 or an earlier version? If the version is
outdated, use Alpha4.
Also, try running the same slice, but first rename the "pypy" folder to
something else. This will disable the pypy engine and will run everything
in normal Python. If that works then there is a pypy bug. Else we have a
bug in Skeinforge.
Also, don't be afraid to type more then 1 sentence. You can never give
enough information when you have problems like this.

PS. If you are dutch (which has a high posibility with that name), and your
dutch is better then your english. You may email me. But JUST me, don't add
other people, in dutch.

On Mon, Feb 13, 2012 at 11:17 AM, Armin Rigo <arigo at tunes.org> wrote:

> Hi Frans,
> Thank you, but we need to know at least:
> - the version of PyPy (is it the official PyPy 1.8?);
> - the program that is started (and how to install it, if complicated);
> - and for reference, the OS --- I guess Windows from the dump of Amaury.
> Also, I don't find yesterday's conversation with you.  Can you explain
> where it was (nickname if on IRC, etc.)?
> A bientôt,
> Armin.
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