[pypy-dev] Problems Installing STM

Andrew Francis andrewfr_ice at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 3 19:45:20 CET 2012

Hi Folks:

I want to experiment with the STM module. I read the "Comprehensive Strategy for Contention Management in STM" paper and compiled the rstm module. I figured learning to write C/C++ programmes with the module would be a good way to get a feel for STM. 

On the PyPy side:

I have downloaded pypy from the repository, overlaid it with a pre-compiled (I don't have a big enough machine to compile from source) and use virtualenv, altering PYTHONPATH to point to the top of the pypy directory.

When I execute 

python test_rstm.py

the programme starts to compile but ends with no errors.

I decided to test some other programmes to see if my environment is functioning correctly. I decided to run  bpnn

../pypy/translator/goal/translate.py --stm bpnn.py 

(I added the --stm because the translator complained)

translation:ERROR]    File "/home/andrew/pypy-stm/pypy/translator/c/funcgen.py", line 697, in OP_CAST_PTR_TO_ADR
[translation:ERROR]     "in %r" % (self.graph,))
[translation:ERROR]  AssertionError: cast_ptr_to_adr(gcref) is a bad idea with STM.  Consider checking config.stm in <FunctionGraph of (pypy.rpython.rlist:490)ll_alloc_and_set__GcStruct_listLlT_Signed_rpy_stringPtr at 0xd62a0b0>
[translation] start debugger...
> /home/andrew/pypy-stm/pypy/translator/c/funcgen.py(697)OP_CAST_PTR_TO_ADR()
-> "in %r" % (self.graph,))

What am I doing wrong? How should I be going about  this?

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