[pypy-dev] Some NumPyPy propositions

Dmitrey dmitrey15 at ukr.net
Wed Jan 18 11:27:17 CET 2012

On 01/17/2012 08:57 PM, Dmitrey wrote:
> On 01/17/2012 08:35 PM, Maciej Fijalkowski wrote:
>> On Tue, Jan 17, 2012 at 8:22 PM, Dmitrey<dmitrey15 at ukr.net>  wrote:
>>> Well, it doesn't matter essentially, from the code I just see it parses
>>> dir(numpypy) and doesn't provide information on the funcs been 
>>> worked on,
>>> thus maybe my own efforts to port a func will be just a waste of time,
>>> because someone other will make it done before me.
>> I guess the main point why it does that is that it can be fully
>> automatic. It's impossible to keep track manually marking those
>> functions.
> There are lots of free online tables and spreadsheets, e.g. google or 
> my favorite zoho.com, with many other convenient stuff. A NumPyPy 
> state info datasheet could be created with 1st column - implemented 
> funcs, next several columns - triples like (funcname, 
> person_working_on_it, estimated_finish_date), or something like that, 
> filled by the persons. Potential NumPyPy users or contributors could 
> review current state of numpypy development without having to download 
> and install each latest night pypy build and, possibly, propose their 
> own contributions or financial support to implement funcs they need 
> and still miss. I guess it's not so difficult to create and maintain, 
> but, of course, you could select any other approach.
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I have compared contains of numpy and numpypy, numpy has 551 entries 
(and some of them are modules with lots of other funcs, like linalg or 
fft), while nympypy has only 121 entry - thus, I guess, numpypy still is 
too far from full numpy port. Well, some of numpy funcs are used very 
rarely and thus can be omitted for now.

I have reviewed difference of the modules, and IMHO currently these 
funcs are most important:

array_equal nanargmax hstack diag nanmin sinh atleast_1d asscalar eye 
zeros_like logical_or tile cosh empty_like array_equiv asfarray 
nanargmin asarray log2 vstack logical_xor nansum rot90 copy savetxt 
logical_not ceil median where isfinite isnan diff tanh cross flipud 
isscalar insert logical_and nanmax ones_like log log10 arccosh isinf

My skills and current possibilities allow me to work only on limited 
subset of the funcs mentioned above, if noone mind, during several next 
days I intend to work on he following funcs - maybe very simple to be 
ported, but very important:
array_equal diag asscalar eye zeros_like empty_like array_equiv flipud 
isscalar ones_like

BTW you mentioned [nan][arg]min/max works on a nightly build (except of 
axis parameter) 
but I didn't see them at all, as well as numpypy.nan number at all. 
Maybe they are present in a mercurial branch, that was forgotten to be 
committed to main trunc?

As for the table, if you think it's hard to create and maintain, I could 
create it by myself, fill by currently done functions, share edit 
permission with you, and you will share it with other volunteers, to 
keep them and other people of numpy funcs that are done and under 
development. I just thought you would prefer to be creator and single 
owner of the table and that it doesn't take much time to be done, that's 
why I had proposed it to be done by you. Also, maybe it would be a good 
idea to provide link to the table from main pypy.org webpage.

Regards, D.

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