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Thomas Lotze thomas at thomas-lotze.de
Mon Feb 20 16:41:54 EST 2017


I just noticed that the next deadline for applications for Mozilla Open
Source Support awards will be due soon, at the end of the month. Also,
pytest (as well as tox) is listed among the projects Mozilla considers
Foundational technology which it supports through a dedicated awards track.



I wonder whether the pytest project should apply for an award. This question
has been brought up on this mailing list before, at least last summer by
Florian Bruhin. The discussion back then didn't lead to a conclusion,
more-or-less open questions being what well-defined project objective to
propose, who could work on it, and, not the least important, what Holger
thought of it as the money would likely be handled by his company. Florian
Schulze was the only one who said he was available full-time at the time.

Now, I'm aware that I've not been known as a pytest contributor so far, but
I've been using pytest, I want to help improve it in turn, and I'm interested
in and available for working on open-source Python projects on the basis of
funding such as the MOSS awards. This is why I'd like to re-raise the
question of applying for such an award, and ask you who else might be
interested in joining the work and what would be the best objectives to have

"Reducing the number of bugs" would be useful but possibly too much of general
maintenance to be eligible for an award. There are a number of enhancement
proposals in the tracker, some of which will be more urgent or helpful to the
project than others, or might lend themselves better to being implemented by
one or two persons rather than, e.g., during a sprint.

If there is any interest in applying for a MOSS award, I'd be happy to work on
an application during the next few days. But if there is a feeling that
pytest shouldn't apply for an award, or not this time, I'd be equally
interested in discussing that and possibly preparing for next time. I'd
particularly like to ask the opinions of Holger, and of Dave Hunt, who is
listed as the project's contact within Mozilla on the above-mentioned list.

Thank you! Cheers,

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