[Python-3000] Add a standard GUI system

Bill Janssen janssen at parc.com
Mon May 1 17:51:27 CEST 2006

> "Bill Janssen" <janssen at parc.com> wrote
> a reply to my objection to his GUI proposal  --
> that makes the proposal more sensible to me.
> I see you putting forth four propositions.  My wording of them is:
> 1. Python 3 should (still) have a standard lib GUI system.
> 2a. TK/Tkinter should not be grandfathered in.
> 2b. Current popularity should not be the determining factor.
> 3. The GUI chosen should be Pythonic, rather than a direct translation of, 
> for instance, Jave or C++ style.
> 4. An updated and revised version of PyGUI looks like the best choice.

Terry, thanks for helping put this more clearly.

> I currently agree with 1, 2a, maybe 2b, 3 to the extent I know the 
> difference (but would like to see specific examples), and am neutral to 4 
> due to ignorance.  I could imagine someone agreeing with 1-3 but proposing, 
> say, Wax instead.  So that should be the most controversial.

I'm fairly enthusiastic about PyGUI for this purpose, but I'll happily
throw it out in favor of a better candidate.  The goal is to get a
good standard GUI system included with Python.

> One thing I do know about wxWidgets is that it includes a library of utility 
> functions that are not directly gui functions and that duplicate functions 
> already in Python.  While it is sensible for wxPython to wrap these, it 
> would be duplicative to add them to the standard lib.

Sure.  I see wxPython and the others as potential implementation
platforms for PyGUI, rather than as competitors.  We might have
bindings for PyGUI for each of them.


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