[Python-3000] Poll: Lazy Unicode Strings For Py3k

Larry Hastings larry at hastings.org
Thu Feb 1 10:51:01 CET 2007

Aahz wrote:
> While I don't have an opinion about the patch itself, I do have an
> opinion about other people's opinions.  ;-)  That is, my opinion is that
> unless you get a +1 from at least one of Fredrik, MvL, or MAL (and no -1
> from any of them), this patch should be abandoned.  (The exact set of
> developers doesn't matter, though you should be focused on people with
> commits in unicodeobject.c, and I'd recommend that Fredrik or MvL be on
> that list regardless.)

I should focus how?  With offers of cash rewards?

I'm happy to field questions from anybody, on the list or via email.  
I'm sure all those folks are as aware of this thread as they need to 
be.  Beyond that I don't see how I can affect if or when they render a vote.



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