[Python-3000] pep 3131 again

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Thu May 17 11:23:00 CEST 2007

> === help people who can't type english ===
> since the keywords remain ASCII, along with stdlib and all other major
> third party libs -- how does that help the english-illiterate programmer?

english-illiterate and "can't type english" are very different things.
By "can't type english", I assume you mean "can't type Latin
characters". These users are not helped at all by this PEP, but I think
they are really rare, since keyboards commonly support a mode to enter
Latin characters (perhaps after pressing some modifier key, or switching
to Latin mode).

>     import random
>     満は = range(100)
>     random.shuffle(満は )
>     未 = 満は.pop(7)
>     if len(未) > 58:
>         print "ラーになる!!!" #  מה זה השטויות האלה בכל מקרה?
> apart from excessive visual noise, the amount of *latin* identifiers and
> keywords is not negligible.

Right. However, you don't have to understand *English* to write or read
this text. You don't need to know that "import" means "to bring from a
foreign or external source", and that "shuffle" means "to mix in a mass
confusedly". Instead, understanding them by their Python meaning is

> if all you're trying to save is coming up with
> english names for your functions, than that's okay, but saying
> "japanese people have a hard time coding in the latin alphabet"
> does not withstand practical usage.

Coming up with English names is not necessary today. Coming up
with Latin spellings is.

Whether or not Japanese or Chinese people with no knowledge of
English still can master the Latin alphabet easily, I don't know,
as all Chinese people I do know speak German or English well.

I would say "they can speak for themselves", except that then
neither of us would understand them.


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