[Python-3000] Compiling Python 3.0 with VS 2008 Beta2

Christian Heimes lists at cheimes.de
Sat Nov 17 21:25:39 CET 2007


The new PCbuild9 directory works for x86. I'm unable to test it for
AMD64. The structure is going to change from a ReleaseAMD64 solution
towards x86 platform in the future.

I've also hacked together a small fix for the msvccompiler module. It's
available at http://bugs.python.org/issue1455 but not yet finished.

In order to test the new build directory you need the STANDARD edition
of VS 2008 Beta 2. The Express Edition doesn't set the necessary bits
and pieces in the registry for msvccompiler.

You also need the new version of openssl from the Python SVN repository
and the nasm Assembler from kernel.org. Beta 2 doesn't ship with ml.exe
and older versions of ml seem to have an issue with SSE2 opcodes.

Once everything is in place and tested I will port the new build dir
back to the trunk.


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