[Python-3000] Compiling Python 3.0 with VS 2008 Beta2

Christian Heimes lists at cheimes.de
Mon Nov 19 21:02:51 CET 2007

Next update:

I've done some more work on the PCbuild9 directory. I've removed the
ReleaseAMD64 solution and replaced it with platform x64. I've also taken
some effort to get the 64bit builds of the dependencies ready and
integrate them in the build process.

The openssl package required some hard kicking. I had to patch the
auto-generated makefile to build the 64bit version in a separate
directory and get the cross compiler x86_amd64 to work.

With the latest commit every dependency except of Tcl TK are build
automatically during the build process. Of course you have to put the
source directories in the right place and for bsddb you have to convert
the solution files of db-4.4 to VS 2008.


* I don't own a 64 bit processor. Can somebody please test the 64bit
build? The cross compile seems to work but I'm unsure if it really works.

* The PCbuild9 directory doesn't support PGO builds for now. I've
removed them to simplify the project files.

* The dll base address list may be out of date. Somebody with more
knowledge (Mark, Martin?) have to update the list and the project files
with new base addresses.

* We have to decide if we are going to support older releases of Visual
Studio. I like to remove the support for 6.0 and 7.1 from
distutils.msvccompiler. 7.1 came out around 2003 and 6.0 is far older. I
don't have the means to test the modules with ancient compilers.


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