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Sandeep Nagar sandeep.nagar at gmail.com
Wed Apr 13 15:07:26 EDT 2016


I have just lauched my website http://bookmuft.com/ which will provide free
books in technical subjects. Two books are posted here right now. Presently
I have written book for Octave and Python introduction.

Please have a look at them and if you like them then please spread the word
to your colleagues, juniors and students.

SInce the books are released under creative commons licence so they can be
adapted as teaching learning material in any form as desired by user.

I will be grateful if you could send me review and information about usage
in your work for my reference.

(My books: http://bookmuft.com/)
(My training profile: http://sandeepnagar4.wix.com/compuski )
*Dr. Sandeep Nagar *
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