RTSP streaming media proxy

Jonathan Hogg jonathan@onegoodidea.com
Fri, 30 Jul 99 14:31:00 GMT

hot on the heels of my last post, here is my next contribution. again,
it can be found on the projects page of our company web-site:


RTSP_Proxy is a proxy server for the RTSP/RTP streaming media protocols.
this is a quick-and-dirty hack i threw together a couple of weekends ago
in order to be able to watch the MacWorld keynote address which was
netcast using QuickTime 4 video/audio streaming.

for information on QuickTime 4, take a look at:


unfortunately, whilst apple chose a non-proprietry standard protocol for
implementing their streaming architecture, they also chose one which is
not particularly established and is not IP masquerading friendly. apple
provide a proxy server for running on a firewall/NAT machine, but it's
pretty flaky so i had a stab at writing my own.

i've only run it on an i386 linux box, but i've been told it works on
freebsd too. it requires threads and sockets, but should work on anything
that provides them.

it's not a pretty program, but it worked enough for me to watch the new
iBook being launched :-)  i'm in the process of writing a new version, but
thought this might be of interest/amusement.

again, all comments welcome,


jonathan hogg, one good idea limited, 25 clouston street, glasgow g20 8qr, uk
jonathan@onegoodidea.com www.onegoodidea.com t:(0)976-614338 f:(0)7970-537451

<P><A HREF="http://www.onegoodidea.com/projectscore.html">RTSP proxy</A> -
quick-and-dirty proxy server for the RTSP/RTP streaming media protocols,
written in Python.  (29-Jul-99)

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