GPS - Groves and Property Sets for Python 0.20

Geir Ove Grønmo
Sat, 13 Nov 99 21:51:10 GMT


I'm pleased to announce the second release of GPS - Groves and
Property Sets for Python. 

There has been a lot of changes in this release. The most important
being the support for grove managers and managed grove nodes, and a
grove walker module. See the changes.txt file in the distribution for
a complete list of changes.

Suggestions and bug reports should be sent to:

Geir O. Grønmo


Title: GPS - Groves and Property Sets for Python

Version: 0.20
Released: November 12th 1999

Author: Geir O. Grønmo,
License: GPL


- --
>>> What is GPS?

GPS is an implementation of the groves and property set concepts
defined in the HyTime and DSSSL standards. GPS is written in Python,
and should work* on any platform to which Python have been ported -
including the Java Platform.

There are two implementations in the current distribution, one
in-memory implemention and one that supports ZODB - the Zope Object
Database. Both groves, property sets and grove plans can be made
persistent by the ZODB implementation.

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>>> Features

 o Loading of property sets from documents conforming to the Property
   Set DTD, or any derived DTD [requires architectural processing].

 o Grove plans. Default grove plans is automatically created by
   wrapping a GrovePlan object around a property set. Inclusion and
   omitting of modules, classes and properties are fully supported.

 o Self-managed and managed grove node implementations, both generic
   classes for representing grove nodes.

 o Grove managers that manages a repository of managed grove nodes.

 o ZODB - Zope Object Database versions of all grove, grove manager,
   property set and grove plan classes, plus some ZODB utilities.

 o Module for building XML groves from SAX event streams. This module
   also contains a class for emitting SAX events by walking XML groves.

 o Grove walkers, allows for selective processing of groves.

 o Sample Property Sets

- --
>>> Requirements
  - Python 1.5.2 or newer [3]
  - An SGML/XML parser with a SAX driver
  - SAX 1.0 for Python [4]
  - xmlarch 0.25, optional unless architectural processing is needed [5]

- --
>>> References


* The ZODB implementation won't work in a Java environment, since ZODB
contains code written in C.


<P><A HREF="">GPS 0.20</A> - Groves
and Property Sets for Python; an implementation of the groves and property
set concepts defined in the HyTime and DSSSL standards.  (12-Nov-99)

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