Updated pyFLTK - FLTK Wrappers

Kevin Dahlhausen ap096@po.cwru.edu
Wed, 12 Jan 00 07:23:24 GMT

pyFLTK is a wrapper for the Fast-Light Toolkit - a cross platform GUI library.
The wrapper also includes a program to convert the FLTK GUI designer output  to
Python code.

The library is available at:  http://fltk.netpedia.net/

Bowser's now have preliminary  data support, flconvert (Fluid GUI
Builder to Python) is now a program and supports scoped identifiers.

Hello World with a Cancel Button looks like this:

from fltk import *
 import sys

 def theCancelButtonCallback(ptr):

 window = Fl_Window(100, 100, 200, 90, sys.argv[0])
 button = Fl_Button(9,20,180,50,"Hello World")
 window.show(len(sys.argv), sys.argv)

Recent Changes:
1/11/00 KPD
	completed install-python option

1/8/00 KPD
	fixed test/boxtype.py, test/PyAppWithGUI
	added to INSTALL file
1/7/00 KPD
	added flconvert support for declarations and classes
	added ifdef Python sentries to browser changes
	added demo runner test/demos.py
	fixed browser data bug

1/6/00 KPD
	added data support to browser, still needs some work to handle
    arbritary script object types

1/4/00 KPD
	updated README
	reorganized notes
	added test/PyAppWithGUI
	changed fluid parser to allow scoped indentifiers

12/29/99 KPD
	fixed Python Menu callback bug - menus weren't using the new
	fixed MS-Windows build
	fixed function return values in src/Fl_Wrapper
	in swig/py_timeout.i: MS VCC couldn't handle pointer initializaition, 
		had to change to assignment
	removed default paramter value from contrib/Check_Browser.cc
	removed test/arc.py because it can't work with the current 
		system - no way to subclass a widget in Python yet

11/19/99 KPD
	fixed Python Fl_Widget callbacks to make them work with data

<P><A HREF="http://fltk.netpedia.net/">pyFLTK 11-Jan-2000</A> -
Python wrapper for the FLTK lightweight, good looking, easy-to-use
C++ cross-platform (UNIX/Win32) GUI library.  (11-Jan-99)

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