Zope Weekly News - Wed, 12 Jan 2000

Mike Pelletier mike@digicool.com
Fri, 21 Jan 00 10:12:31 GMT


    Zope Weekly News is a digest of some of the useful and interesting
    events which have occurred on the various Zope mailing lists and the
    Zope.org site.  It is published each Wednesday evening.

    Any opinions contained in the Zope Weekly News are those of the
    chronicler exclusively.

    Suggestions for ZWN items are happily accepted.  Please mail them
    to <mike@digicool.com>, put 'ZWN' somewhere in the subject and
    remember to include URLs.


  * Hadar Pedhazur <hadar@opticality.com> announced on the Zope
    mailing list that Digital Creations and Zope will have a presence
    at the Linux WorldExpo in February.  This is thanks to Tucows.com
    graciously sharing their booth.


  * Andrew M. Kuchling <akuchlin@mems-exchange.org> announced the
    release of version 0.05 of the Oedipus package.  Oedipus is a
    Python package for creating and maintaining hierarchical trees of
    Web links.  A prototype Zope product is included in the package
    that allows browsing through an Oedipus database.


  * "tseaver" noticed an updated review of Zope by Linux Planet and
    passed along the link.  This is the review that appeared about two
    weeks ago, with the same ultimate conclusions but with some
    reporting errors corrected and the "Response from Digital


New Products

  * "johanc" submitted "XMLRPC Client for Internet Explorer 5".  It
    has been released as a part of the Zope Internet Explorer project,
    which aims to build a rich interface to Zope around Internet
    Explorer 5.



  * "rossl" updated the LDAPAdapter Product.  This product allows you
    to authenticate user against data stored on an LDAP server.  The
    current version is 0.95.


Zope.org items

  * "Bill" wrote a How-To, titled "Conditional SQL How-To available"
    which describes how to construct a ZSQLMethod with a dynamic query.


  * "anthony" has composed a very good How-To, "Choosing to store data
    in SQL vs ZODB", which discusses the relative merits and drawbacks
    of using Zope's native database and using an external SQL database
    to store data.


  * "gwachob" has contributed a beginner level How-To about DTML
    scripting, "Making Folder Directory Listings".  In it, he
    describes the DTML needed to generate a dynamic list of certain
    kinds of objects in a folder.


Notable Discussions

  * Nico Grubert <nico@beehive.de> is looking for ideas for fairly
    substantial (20-40 pages) tutorials.  Suggestions so far: News
    site app with workflow, a shopping cart app, and methods for
    handling file uploads.


  * Steve Jibson <stevej@parlant.com> developed a large ZClass, and
    then needed to change the ZClass's base classes.  Not wanting to
    have to rebuild his ZClass from scratch, he asked the list for
    alternatives.  Several are offered.


Mike Pelletier.

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