- PyRecode

Andreas Jung ajung@sz-sb.de
Fri, 21 Jan 00 10:15:40 GMT

I am happy to announce the availability of PyRecode.

PyRecode is a wrapper around the functionality of
Recode. Recode is a tool (under GPL) for converting
text from one character set to another one. Recode
is very useful when you are working with texts
in different formats, languages and character sets.

The sources are available from 

At the moment it has been only tested under Linux,
Python 1.5.2 and recode 3.5. More platforms will follow

Andreas Jung

<P><A HREF="http://www.suxers.de/PyRecode.tgz">PyRecode
(click to download .tar.gz file)</A> - wrapper around
the functionality of the <B>GNU Recode</B> character set
conversion tool.  (13-Jan-2000)

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