ANNOUNCE: wxPython 2.2.2

Robin Dunn
Thu, 26 Oct 2000 21:29:45 -0700

wxPython 2.2.2 has finally been released!  You can get your copy at  At that site you'll find the sources,
docs, and binaries for Linux and Win32 for both Python 1.5.2 and Python 2.0

Here's an excerpt from the CHANGES.txt file:

New in 2.2.2

Significantly changed how the wxStyledtextCtrl code that wraps
Scintilla is implemented.  Most of it is now automatically generated
from an interface definition file provided by Scintilla.  This means
that it will be much easier to stay in sync with new Scintilla
releases, but also means that some of the method and identifier names
have changed.  See wxPython/demo/data/stc.h for a copy of the C++
interface from which the Python interface is generated.  There is now
some inline documentation in that file that should really help explain
how things work.

I am now using the Python Distutils to build wxPython and to make some
of the distribution files.  (See
This means no more messing with my kludgy hack,
builds will be more consistent with other Python extensions that also
use Distutils, and will hopefully make wxPython easier to build for
platforms where there have been troubles before.  If you are building
wxPython for Python 1.5.2 or for 1.6, then you will need to get and
install version 1.0 of Distutils from the website above.  If you are
using Python 2.0 then you already have it.

Added wxInputStream and the wxFileSystem family of classes,
contributed by Joerg Baumann.

Added wxProcess and support for it to wxExecute.  wxProcess lets you
get notified when an asyncronous child process terminates, and also to
get input/output streams for the child process's stdout, stderr and

Removed the old python sizers.

Added __add__, __sub__ and __cmp__ (equality check only) for wxPoint
and wxRealPoint.

Changed the build to make one big extension module instead of one for
the core and each contrib.  This allowed me to do away with the on unix systems.

Lots of little fixes here and there.

Some hacks on wxGTK to try and make the AutoComplete listbox in the
wxStyledTextCtrl to behave better.  It's still not as nice as on
wxMSW, but at least it's a bit more usable now.

Robin Dunn
Software Craftsman     Java give you jitters?        Relax with wxPython!