M2Crypto 0.05 Snapshot #4

Ng Pheng Siong ngps@post1.com
Thu, 14 Sep 2000 00:38:48 +0800


(I've changed employers; been very busy past 4 months.)

Snapshot #4 of M2Crypto 0.05 is now available:


This snapshot features the following (in no particular order):

- Fixed more memory leaks.

- SSL callback thread-safety improvements. Thanks to Ray Suorsa for insights
  and patches.

- Renamed M2Crypto.M2Crypto to M2Crypto.m2 to prevent package/module 
  naming/loading confusion.

- SSL clients can now reuse SSL sessions; this boosts performance. A demo 
  program is included, see demo/ssl/sess.py.

- Bundles (parts of) the June 2000 unencumbered release of Medusa.

- demo/ssl/https_srv.py, a threading, directory-listing, https enhancement to

- Interface change: SMIME.load_pkcs7_bio() is renamed 
  SMIME.smime_load_pkcs7_bio(), similarly SMIME.load_pkcs7() to 
  SMIME.smime_load_pkcs7(); these load PKCS7 objects generated by S/MIME.

- Interface change: SMIME.load_pkcs7_bio() now loads a PKCS7 PEM file, i.e., 
  a file of the format "-----BEGIN PKCS7-----". Can't do very much with the 
  resulting PKCS7 class instance, though. ;-)

- It's been a year since I began this: my demo certificates have expired. ;-)
  A new set of certificates (with longer validity periods) are bundled.

I'm now working on improving SSL robustness and fixing yet more reported 
memory leaks.

This snapshot has not been tested with Python 2.0b1. None of ZServerSSL, 
ZSmime (and GuardedFile) has been tested with Zope 2.2.x.

As usual, feedback is very much appreciated.

Ng Pheng Siong <ngps@post1.com> * http://www.post1.com/home/ngps