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Python bindings for the gtk version of the scintilla source code editor

Scintilla is a powerful source code editor written by Neil Hodgson and
many contributors (see www.scintilla.org[1]. PyScintilla provides Python
language bindings for the GTK-based version of Scintilla. Our release
includes a complete copy of Scintilla, as well as the Python bindings,
and may be useful to developers working with pygtk[2] and in need of a
better text editor widget.

Key features provided by Scintilla:

Standard text editing capabilities (with better multifont styling
support than that found in most source code editors).
Support for language-specific syntax styling for a wide variety of
Interactive brace and parenthesis matching.
Hooks for building code auto-completion hints and call tips.
Optional selection margin that can contain markers like those used in
debuggers to indicate breakpoints and the current line.
Optional line number display.
Built in forward and backward search, including incremental search.
Rectangular selection.
Keyboard macro support.
Structuring folding.
Hooks for building auto-indentation capabilities.
Indicator styles for indicating bad code, etc.
Rich scriptability and event notification callback interface.
Unrestrictive open source license, allowing use also in commercial

Details for the Python support portions of this release are available in
the README file[3] for the Python distribution.

       URL:  http://archaeopteryx.com/opensource/pyscintilla

   License:  Open Source
  Platform:  Linux
  Requires:  PyGTK
       Gui:  GTK

  Categories:  GUI, GTK widgets

Archaeopteryx Software, Inc (info@archaeopteryx.com)

<a href="http://archaeopteryx.com/opensource/pyscintilla">pyscintilla</a>
-- Python bindings for the gtk version of the scintilla source code
editor widget