ASV 0.3 - a library for manipulating simple database formats such as CSV

Laurence Tratt
Tue, 06 Mar 2001 18:00:55 +0000

I am pleased to be able to announce the first public version of my ASV module,
the successor to my own module which many people have used over the past
few years. ASV is an incompatible `from the ground up' rewrite incorprating
comments users have made over the years as well some new ideas to make
the whole process of inputting, manipulating and outputting simple database
formats as easy as possible.

As standard, ASV can read and write CSV (Comma Seperated Values) and TSV (Tab
Seperated Values) formats although it is possible to write your own input/output
classes to cope with the bizarre variations that people seem to find themselves
faced with from time to time. As the `main' format, the CSV handler has been
designed to cope gracefully with a wide variety of input formats. The design of
ASV specifically allows conversion between different formats (eg TSV -> CSV).

As this is the first public release of ASV, it should be treated as a beta
release - there may still be bugs and the documentation isn't entirely complete.
However for those still brave enough, the download URL is:

Please feel free to mail me with any comments you may have at


<P><A HREF="">ASV 0.3 beta</A> -
   a library for manipulating simple database formats such as CSV