[Application] askMerlin

Ron Stephens rdsteph@earthlink.net
Sat, 3 Nov 2001 21:56:24 -0500 (EST)


Your Digital Oracle, Merlin will answer your every question.

askMerlin is a web based AI program. Merlin prompts you for a question,
which you then type in and hit return. Then Merlin will prompt you for
options or choices as possible answers to your question. Merlin will
then think it over by consulting the world wide web, which is full of
knowledge. Merlin will answer every question, even those for which you
offer no options; however, Merlin gives better answers when you ask a
well phrased question and also offer good options. The WWW is a large
knowledge base from which to draw, thus askMerlin is a sort of Expert
System with a large but heterogeneous knowledge base. Hopefully, Merlin
will gain in wisdom over time as the legions of Parnassus help to hewn
his code to a sharper and sharper edge. For now, askMerlin is a fun
program, easy to use, with hope for the future.

This is a fun project, and it is hoped that anyone interested will
contribute to further improvements of askMerlin.

       URL:  http://www.awaretek.com/python.html
  Download:  http://www.awaretek.com/askMerlin.py

   License:  LGPL
  Platform:  all platforms
  Requires:  urllib, sys, re, string
       Gui:  command line

  Categories:  Miscellany, Applications

Ron Stephens (rdsteph@earthlink.net)

<a href="http://www.awaretek.com/python.html">askMerlin</a> -- Your
Digital Oracle, Merlin will answer your every question.