ANN: Python Computer Graphics Kit v1.0beta3

Matthias Baas
Sat, 07 Dec 2002 20:06:40 +0100

The third beta release of the Python Computer Graphics Kit is
available at

What is it?

The kit is a collection of Python modules that contain the basic types
and functions required for creating 3D computer graphics images. 
You'll get new types such as vectors, matrices and quaternions and
a complete RenderMan binding that contains all the functions from
the current spec (v3.2). Additionally, the kit contains some of the
functionality from the Shading Language (noise and other SL functions
that can exist without an actual rendering context).

The RenderMan binding is as close as possible to the C version, but
still provides the flexibility found in Python (like using keyword
arguments or using vectors directly as input).

The kit should run on any platform where Python (and a C/C++ compiler)
is available. Windows users can download a binary version for Python

What's new?

The entire cgtypes module was rewritten using Pyrex. The vector and
matrix operations are something between 2 and 20 times faster now
(the matrix inversion was even around 240 times faster in my tests).
The new types require Python 2.2 (since Pyrex uses some new features),
but the old pure Python types are still available in the pycgtypes

For more information, visit:

- Matthias -