ANN: F2PY - Fortran to Python Interface Generator - 6th Release

Pearu Peterson
Sun, 8 Dec 2002 19:20:39 +0200 (EET)

F2PY - Fortran to Python Interface Generator, Version 2.32.225

I am pleased to announce the sixth public release of F2PY. The purpose of
the F2PY project is to provide a connection between Python and Fortran
programming languages. For more information, see

Download source:

What's new?

It has been almost a year from the previous release of F2PY. This release
comes with a number of improvements, most important ones are listed as

- The issue with a Fortran and C multi-dimensional array storage ordering
  is finally resolved. F2PY generated wrappers automatically carry out all
  necessary transformations, trying hard to minimize any performance hits.
  As a result, the end users of F2PY generated wrappers need not to worry
  about this issue anymore, multi-dimensional arrays in Python and Fortran
  have now exactly the same signatures.

- Improved wrapping C functions with F2PY.

- F2PY Users Guide has been throughly revised to describe and illustrate
  all latest F2PY features such as wrapping Fortran 77 COMMON blocks,
  Fortran 90 module data, including Fortran 90 module ALLOCATABLE arrays,
  etc. The F2PY Users Guide is composed using the Python Docutils tool and
  is available here:

- F2PY has new site for unit testing.

- F2PY uses scipy_distutils from SciPy ( project for
  compiling Fortran sources and building extension modules.
  Currently, the following Fortran 77/90 compilers are described by

    Absoft Sun SGI Intel Itanium NAG Compaq Digital Gnu VAST

- Finally, F2PY has been extensively used/tested for wrapping large
  Fortran/C libraries, such as, LAPACK, BLAS, ATLAS, FFTW, FFTPACK,
  etc. (see SciPy project for more information). This experience has been
  a very important source for ideas how to make binding Fortran/C codes to
  Python easier and more robust. 

	Pearu Peterson

<P><A HREF="">F2PY 2.32.225</A> - The
Fortran to Python Interface Generator (08-Dec-02)