Sybase module 0.33pre2 released

Dave Cole
10 Feb 2002 00:40:32 +1100

What is it:
The Sybase module provides a Python interface to the Sybase relational
database system.  It supports all of the Python Database API, version
2.0 with extensions.


Since the last release I have come to the realisation that the Sybase
dynamic SQL functionality is not nearly general enough to use for
correct DB-API functionality.  I have thrown up my hands and gone back
to the drawing board with the high level module.

Once the module is stable again there will be three differences between
the new and old functionality:

1) The paramstyle is now 'format'.  This means that where you
   previously did something like this:

     c.execute("select * from titles where title like ?", ['The %'])

   you now have to do this:

     c.execute("select * from titles where title like '%s'", ['The %'])

   or this:

     c.execute("select * from titles where title like 'The %'")

2) Since the cursors are no longer using dynamic SQL there will no
   longer be an extra result set which reported the status of the
   temporary stored procedure.  This should remove some of the
   confusion behaviour of cursors.

   There should be fewer restrictions on the use of cursors.

3) Threading is enabled in the CT library wrapper by default.


Please download the pre-release version, try it out, and then send me
some mail telling me what you found.  You would be surprised at how
little mail I get regarding the Sybase module, I really do need your

The module is available here:

The module home page is here:

- Dave