ANN: New Mailing Lists -- conferences-discuss, psf-forms-discuss

Guido van Rossum
Tue, 12 Feb 2002 09:08:45 -0500

At the PSF member meeting last week, there was lively discussion about
two (very different) topics: the future of the Python conference, and
the legal terms under which contributions to Python can be
redistributed by the PSF.  It was decided to create two open mailing
lists to continue these valuable discussions, and hopefully come to
concrete recommendations.  I hereby invite everyone who considers
themselves part of the Python community and wants their voice to be
heard to sign up for either list.  A brief description of the lists:


    This list is intended for discussion of the future of the Python
    conference.  Python10 was a big success, but behind the scenes
    there have been a lot of grumblings, and several alternatives have
    been proposed, e.g. a dirt cheap conference like Yet Another Perl
    Conference (held at a university, registration under $100, sleep
    in dorm rooms at $25/night), and/or moving in with the O'Reilly
    Open Source Conference (more expensive but also much larger and
    varied than past Python conferences).  Serious consideration
    should be given to doing both.  On this list we'll try to agree on
    what to do and who will do it.  Because of the lead time for
    organizing a conference, hope is that we'll reach agreement in the
    first few months of 2002 on how, where and when to hold Python11
    in 2003.

    This is a short-lived discussion list set up to provide a forum
    for agreeing on PSF contributor's forms and procedures.  Its
    charter lasts only until 15-Apr-2002.

--Guido van Rossum (home page: