ANNOUNCE: Python 10 Birds of a Feather session on a Python persistence framework

Jim Fulton
Fri, 25 Jan 2002 19:28:29 -0500

We plan to have a Birds of a Feather (BOF) session at the Python 10
Conference,, on a Python persistence framework.

The Zope object database, ZODB, includes frameworks
for persistence and transaction management.  These frameworks
depend very little on the rest of ZODB and will be factored
out of ZODB and made into separate packages in the next generation
of ZODB, ZODB 4.  

The ZODB persistence framework provides significant benefits to
Python programmers:

- Objects are automatically loaded and stored. The programmer
  doesn't have to keep tack of when objects have been
  modified. The objects track modification and notify the
  transaction manager of changes. The transaction manager
  coordinates storing data.  Data are loaded when needed, with
  loads triggered by access from other objects.

- An object cache automates moving data out of memory when no
  longer needed. A cache invalidation protocol helps to keep object
  consistence across multiple applications or application

We would like to see these benefits made available for other
databases. We'd especially like to see a persistence framework
using relational databases, reusing object-relational mapping
efforts, such as MiddleKit and others.

We'd like to kick off an effort to design a persistence framework
to encompass ZODB, relational databases, and other persistence 

The BOF will begin with a presentation of the ZODB Persistence

The BOF will take place the evening of Wednesday, February 6.


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