ANNOUNCE: Python 10 Birds of a Feather session on a Python distributed transaction framework

Jim Fulton
Fri, 25 Jan 2002 19:32:20 -0500

We plan to have a Birds of a Feather (BOF) session at the Python 10
Conference,, on a Python distributed transaction

The Zope object database, ZODB, includes frameworks
for persistence and transaction management.  These frameworks
depend very little on the rest of ZODB and will be factored
out of ZODB and made into separate packages in the next generation
of ZODB, ZODB 4.  

We have experience using the transaction framework
with other persistence mechanisms in Zope, including relational 
databases and the light-weight directory access protocol, LDAP.  
This allows distributed transactions to be coordinated among 
multiple database systems. If a transaction is committed or rolled
back, the commit or rollback happens for each of the participating
databases. This is very useful. It would be useful to make this
capability available to other Python applications.

In particular, it would be worthwhile to explore integrating
distributed transactions with the Python database API to make it
easier to coordinate among multiple databases and to better support
distributed transactions in the Python database API, for example by
including interfaces to underlying distributed-transaction APIs not
currently exposed by the Python database API.

We'd like to kick off an effort to design a transaction framework
to encompass ZODB, relational databases, and other persistence 

The talk BOF begin with a presentation of the ZODB Transaction

The BOF will take place at lunch time on Tuesday, February 5.


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