ANNOUNCE: scgi 0.5 released

Neil Schemenauer
Thu, 5 Sep 2002 12:17:32 -0400

Version 0.5 of the scgi package is now available from:

The SCGI protocol is a replacement for the Common Gateway Interface
(CGI) protocol.  It is a standard for applications to interface with
HTTP servers.  It is similar to FastCGI but is designed to be easier to

Included in this package is mod_scgi, an Apache module that implements
the client side of the protocol.  There is also a a Python package
called scgi which implements the server side of the protocol.

Changes in version 0.5

    * Rewrite most of the scgi_server parent code.  Drop the table of
      busy children and the shared pipe between the parent and children.
      Instead, the children write a byte on the Unix domain pipe when they
      are ready for a request.  In the process, fix a bug that caused the
      parent to wait until all the children were ready before delegating a
      request (found by Changjune Kim).


    * Pass REMOTE_USER to SCGI servers (patch from Hamish Lawson).

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