Writing an Open Source Implementation of FoxPro

Paul Nowak p-nowak@eelink.net
13 Jan 2003 16:52:00 -0800

Hello, I have been doing some thinking about writing an open source
implementation of FoxPro. I write mostly in Python and I been thinking
Python has too many similarities and strengths not to take a close
look at basing the FoxPro project on Python.

Some of the benefits of a Python approach include:

- The Python interpreter is similar to the FoxPro interpreter in basic
parse and execute function;

- Python works on multiple platforms;

- Python core code is easy to read and well-designed;

- Python has a large community and so does FoxPro -- getting some
cross over will probably be good for both camps.

- The FoxPro community would welcome this project I think.

Just wondering what the group comments on this idea are.