Wing IDE for Python 1.1.8

Wing IDE Announce
Tue, 21 Jan 2003 22:06:34 -0500 (EST)


Wing IDE version 1.1.8 is now available.  This release includes:

* Better support for debugging processes that reload changed
  code modules on the fly
* A number of bug fixes and minor enhancements

Wing IDE is a commercial software development environment for the
Python programming language.  Its productivity features include
a code editor with auto-completion, goto-definition, source
index, and syntax highlighting; a source browser with module and
class oriented views; and a powerful and flexible graphical debugger.

Wing supports web development with Zope, Plone, CGI, and Apache
mod_python.  It can be used for GUI development with PyQt, wxPython,
Tkinter, and PyGtk.  Wing also supports pygame, numpy, debugging
within an embedded interpreter, and debugging to a remote host.

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