ANN: DSV 1.4.0

Cliff Wells
22 Jan 2003 15:05:13 -0800

DSV 1.4.0 is available for download:

This is a bugfix release with no new features.  Most importantly,
removed a superfluous but *very* expensive function call from the import
wizard that effectively doubled import times.  Will now be profiling
more frequently, or at least whenever runtimes double <wink>

What is it? 
Python-DSV is a Python module for importing and exporting DSV (delimiter
separated values) files.  DSV is a generalization of CSV (comma
separated values).  CSV is a common file format used by many programs to
import and export data.

- Pure Python
- Optional wxPython GUI 
- Optional heuristics for determining file format
- Handles embedded quotes, delimiters and newlines
- Customizable error handling
- Simple to use
- Portable (tested on Linux and Windows)

- Python 2.0 or greater

- wxPython 2.3 or greater (if you use the GUI)

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