ANN: M2Crypto 0.11

Ng Pheng Siong (Ng Pheng Siong)
23 Jun 2003 18:35:41 GMT


M2Crypto 0.11 is now available.

M2Crypto is a crypto and SSL toolkit for Python:

- DH, RSA, DSA, symmetric ciphers (including AES), message digests, HMAC.
- SSL functionality to implement clients and servers, with examples.
- HTTPS extensions to Python's HTTP functionality.
- Unforgeable HMAC'ing AuthCookies for web session management.
- FTP/TLS client and server.
- ZServerSSL: A HTTPS server for Zope.
- ZSmime: An S/MIME messenger for Zope.

What's new:

- Fixes to memory leaks. (Thanks Dave Berkeley and Brent Chun.)
- ZServerSSL updated for Zope 2.6.1.
- ZSmime on Zope 2.6.1 interoperates with Mozilla 1.1. (No code change.)

As usual, M2Crypto is here:


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