Toronto-area Python user group meets Tuesday, June 24, 8pm

Peter Hansen
Mon, 23 Jun 2003 15:26:51 -0400

The next meeting of PyGTA, the most excellent Toronto-area user group 
for all things Python, will be at the usual location (519 Church St.
near Wellesley) and time.  See
for details.

We haven't received confirmation of the hoped-for presentation involving Python-
generated SVG yet, which will likely mean we'll be subjected to a TDDious 
demonstration by Peter Hansen on doing test-driven development with Python, or 
something awful like that.  Maybe we can limit his enthusiasm simply to 
showing how to use PyUnit to write simple unit tests.

Remember, the more people come out to attend, the more likely the discussion
will be interesting enough that we won't have to resort to such awful things!

If you are "more people", plan to attend!  Better yet, bring a friend, or
grab someone off the street on your way there, and introduce him or her 
to Python...

-Peter Hansen, Ian Garmaise, meeting organizers, 
 and the other PyGTA faithful :-)

Note: if you would like a CDROM-equipped laptop and an LCD projector to
be made available for a demonstration, you must email Peter prior to 16:00
on Tuesday.

Note also: the post-meeting sugar-and-caffeine-fest will of course occur 
at Just Desserts, as usual.