PyQtDoc Now Available

Larry Wright
Mon, 17 Mar 2003 01:38:33 GMT


Rancho Santa Margarita, CA -- 15 July 2000 --, producers and
distributors of high-quality open source and commercial multi-platform
software, are pleased to announce the availability of PyQtDoc 1.0 
(, a Windows/Linux 
application for providing rapid access to documentation for
the popular PyQt ( set of
Python bindings for Qt.

PyQtDoc fills the yawning chasm that exists for the popular PyQt project 
from Riverbank Computing. PyQt is also the basis for our popular 
BlackAdder product for Python development. PyQtDoc is included with your 
purchase of BlackAdder, but we've also made it available as a 
multi-platform, stand alone application using our popular DocBrowser 
technology found in our KDE Studio Gold product for C++ and Java 

PyQtDoc has over 10mb of documentation in a clear and easy to read 
format. There are lots of examples, and a couple of tutorials. We will 
be keeping the documentation up to date with each release of Qt, however 
these updates are not free. You can buy each version as they come out 
for $19.95, or you can subscribe to the annual program which gets you 
all the updates for a year, which have typically been between 4 and 7. 
This annual program is only $69.95.

* HTML cross referenced documentation.
* "Table of Contents" panel with classes/function listings for rapid
* Quick search for class or functions names
* Bookmarks for rapidly jumping between items of interest.
* Classes and functions have different icons so you can easily see if the
class is a QObject or QWidget or if the function is a slot or signal, etc.
* Lot of examples
* Python cod in class descriptions and some functions
* Supports PyQt version 3.5

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quality Linux software by producing developer tools and desktop
applications.'s products are marketed both online and
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